Thursday, 20 October 2011


I spent the day cutting out decoupage pieces ready to make christmas cards, this has to be THE most boring part of card making.  I do like to make up from scratch most of the time but I'm hoping to sell some christmas crafts this year at a local schools christmas fete so need to save a little time.  I also need to make my monthly donation of cards to Cancer Research so will probably spend tomorrow cutting out even more decoupage for that, well I'm sure that counts towards my crafting target so feel okay about that, especially as it's been a rubbish day health wise, hey ho bring on tomorrow!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

For My Oldest Daughter

Today I spent time making a card for my older daughter, I tried a combination of new (dies) and old (papers and stamp) and I like the results.  I also made her a pair of matching earings, my very first piece of hand made Jewellery.  She loves pink so I went all pink!  I also used my lovely Flexmarkers on the stamped image, the suble colours really lend themselves to that type of stamp.

I do like Jewellery making but worry about my combinations way too much, I end up ditching all my designs and I know I shouldn't, trial and error is the only way to learn, but I hate making things that I don't really like at the end of my effort.  I have a box full of things I made and boxed as soon as I realised I hated it.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My First Stamped Candle

I've wanted to do this for ages, so got an old coated candle, some white tissue paper, my stamps, Promarkers and ink pad.  I had so much fun with it and was very pleased with the results.

I firstly cut out a piece of white tisue paper the right size to fit around my candle and stamped my image on to it.  I wanted to add a hint of colour to the butterflies and writing, so used Promarkers gently on the tissue paper.  If you press too hard or if the pen is in contact with the tissue paper too long it will break the paper and/or flood the tissue with too much colour.  Once I had done this and my image was ready I wrapped the tissue paper tightly around the candle and then covered with grease proof paper.  The grease proof keeps everything together while you heat the candle and excess wax sticks to it.

When you heat, keep the heat source moving or you can over heat and damage the candle, I used my heat gun on high, heating one section of the candle at a time.  As the outer layer of the candle melts you can see it quite clearly through the grease proof paper.  As soon as you see this happen it's time to move to another section until the whole candle has been heated.  I found scrunching a section of the grease proof made a handle for me to hold the grease proof smooth against the candle, you can reposition the greesproof as many times as you like and stop and start as many times as you need to just as long as you keep the stamped tissue paper smooth against the candle at all times.

The most important thing is to use a candle that you are never going to light as the tissue paper around the candle could catch light, not a good thing! lol

Just Adding Some Of The Cards I've Made Since Starting My Card Making

Just thought I'd add some of the cards I've made, for many different reasons, while learning to card make. I've experimented so much with so many different things to try and find the style for me but maybe I'm not meant to have a style?

This one was for a friend who had been through a tough time, Just to say we were thinking of her and hopefully make her smile.

This one was made for a challenge, I love butterflies.

This one was an atempt at sepia tones, not quite there but as a first attempt, it's not awful lol.

This is the first of many cards requested by my son for his friends, I do love these Kenny K images for men, I think they are fab especially for my sons age (20's)

This card was made for a challenge, I really like the colours on this one and love the Sarah Kaye images

This was for a very close friend who has been ill, I was experimenting with Autumn colours.

Thes are two of the first cards I made with dies and my Tatty Teddy summer stamps, I wanted  completely pastel summer cards.